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Corrigendum: Tender Last Selling Date :14.01.2018 Tender Submission and Opening Date: 15.01.2018 Please see image for details. All other terms & condition will remain unchanged.

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Name of work: Overhauling Works including Supply of Spare Parts HRSG-1 & 2, STG-1, Condenser & other Auxiliaries of Unit-1 on Turnkey Basis.
Organization: Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB)
Address: Sayeed Akram Ullah, Director, Directorate of Purchase, BPDB, Dhaka
Tender Ref. No.: Pur-355/1/Fenchuganj/2017
Public Relation Ref. No.: 479(4)/09.11.2017
Published At: Alltender.com Nov 10, 2017
Last date of Schedule Purchase: Jan 14, 2018
Last date of Schedule Submission: Jan 15, 2018 11:00AM
Pre-Tendering Meeting N.A.
Tender Opening Date: Jan 15, 2018 11:30AM
Location of Supply/Works Sylhet
Special Instruction: Please see image for details.
Schedule Available At: Please see image for details.
Schedule Submission At: Please see image for details.
Source of Fund: Please see image for details.
Price of Schedule: Tk. 10,000/-
Earnest Amount:
Security Amount: $ 91,000/- or Tk. 7,280,000/-
Time Required for completion: 280 Days.
Brief Description : View Image
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